With a couple of months of hindsight, now is the right time to start reflecting. 2019 was more than successful in multiple regards. Here are a few facts:

  • Team Lematec expanded to 24 employees and two temporary workers (which is the most since its founding),
  • We worked on 63 projects in various parts of the world,
  • We visited 16 countries,
  • Our eco-friendly car park stopped at 22 CNG vehicles and one electric car,
  • Our turnover reached more than 39 mil. CZK, which is 11.5 mil. CZK more than in 2018.

However, the most important aspect is that we have established new business relations and our portfolio of domestic and foreign customers continues to grow. We believe that 2020, despite all the hardships, will be at least as good as the previous year.